Training Format: Online
Perfect Brows on
Melanated Skin
How to work confidently on melanated skin,
and avoid mistakes that can lead
to unwanted results
Presented by:
Signs that you are not confident
while working on the melanated skin Fitz 5,6
You are getting nervous before
the procedure
You are not sure how it will heal
after the procedure
You are tired after one single
You try to avoid booking clients
with melanated skin type
As a Permanent Makeup Artist, I understand you, there are so many things that can go wrong
If you have these problems and insecurities
while working on diverse skin types.
I can tell you one thing “IT SHOULDN'T
Healing problems
Brows heal gray
Brows heal purple
Over coloring
I have over 10 years of experience of work on diverse skin types. In this training, I have consolidated all my secrets of working on melanated skin. So you don’t have to make all the mistakes that artists usually do while working on the Fitz 5 and 6.
My name is
Let me show you how
You will learn the main aspects that every artist should know about melanated skin to create beautiful work. In this training, we will cover topics like.
Brow Mapping
Specifics working on Fits 4,5,6
In-depth color theory
Practice on latex
Technical aspects of the procedure
Fitzpatrick Scale and the role of melanin
Additionally, you will get
Access to Student Support Group
Two Zoom calls with Kristina
Two weeks after class training
Fitz 6 - Bold Powder Brows
Procedure step by step
Six months access to the
training platform
Fitz 5 - Pixelated Effect
Procedure step by step
Bonus: Pixelated Effect on mature
skin step by step
Our results speak for themselves
Join the training today and master the skill of working on melanated brows
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Training Process
We designed the unique learning process, where you will have the opportunity to go through the learning material at your own pace. And at the same time, to have time for the live zoom calls where you will be able to ask your questions.
Practice strokes on the latex
Pixelated Effect Brows
Bold Powder Brows
Access to Model 2 Procedure
Access to Model 1 Procedure
Zoom Call #1: Theory, Q&A
Bonus: Pixelated Effect on Mature Skin
Zoom Call #2: How to take photos, Q&A
Two weeks after training support
Access to Student Support Group
Six months access to the training
Frequently asked questions
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