Learn how to perform the most up-to-date Permanent Make Up Techniques

Basic Permanent Makeup Training
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Above +500 top
rated reviews
Top rated speaker on the
Las Vegas PMU conference
Hands on learning

Watch a sneak peek of the training
Even if you don't have any previous experience

Who is this for?

No experience in the beauty industry


New passion that will break your 9-5 pattern


If you had unpleasant previous training experience in other schools
Give yourself one more chance, and we will guide you to the results you wish for
Experience in Microblading but no experience in Permanent Makeup


Upsell you your current customers if you have experience in beauty industry

What techniques you will learn

You will learn the most up to date techniques for brows, lips and eyeliner


Fully Shaded Lips


Students' work speak up for themselves

Highlights of the learning experience

Hands on training - on each step of the training, you will be supervised by the trainer
Supportive Community that is always there when you need them
6 months of mentorship under Master Trainer Kristina Melnicenco
You can start the training as early as you want - We will send you the online training and practice material before we meet in person
Training structure that will lead you
to the result

Practice on up to 3 models

+500 5-star reviews

and here are some of them

Meet your mentor

Hi there, my name is ,
Here are some highlights of my journey and 5 Star Academy

We are here to help you succeed!

and I will be your mentor during this educational journey.
Speaker at multiple national and international conferences
14+ years in the Permanent Makeup industry
+500 5 Star Reviews
Organiser of the SPCC - Star Permanent Cosmetic Conference in Cancun, Mexico
I was the first one who brought Powder Techniques to the USA market
Some of the top USA Trainers were taught by our academy.
Here are some facts about me

Training process

We will send you the practice kit and provide access to the online training. So you can start learning immediately.
Once you come to the class, you will receive a training kit with PMU Machine. You will use it for the training practice and for working on the models.
Based on your technique choices, we will spend 2-6 days together, learning and applying new skills to practice.
You will have up to three models to work on, one model per technique. The trainer always will be by your side to guide and support you.
At the end of the training, you will receive the certificate.
After the training, we will add you to a closed student support group. You will be able to ask questions and learn from other artists.
We will provide one more online training that will help you to sharpen your skills and gain more knowledge.
During the six months, you will have support from the master trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can choose the techniques or combine them. But you will get the best price if you will take all three techniques.

If you have more questions, send us a message